Bringing Ag innovation to life

We work with farmers, ag advisers, agribusinesses and industry bodies to bring Ag innovation to life.

AGK Services is a family business that can assist agricultural businesses to grow and innovate. We believe that technology is the key to enhancing productivity in farming, but it’s often difficult to determine what will work and what will bring real benefits to the business. That’s where we come in.

Our experienced people can help you to achieve your goals and sort out what will work best for your situation.

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Our Services


Project Management

We are experienced and reliable providers of all aspects of project management with a reputation for delivering jobs on time and in full.

We manage all aspects of financial and operational project management, as well as delivery, evaluation and reporting requirements.


Event Management

We have extensive experience organising conferences, forums, workshops, field days, webinars and study tours.

We can make your event memorable and successful, taking the hassle out of organising the details.


Agtech consultancy

As a pioneer of digital technology services in Australia we have a track record of consulting in GIS, precision agriculture and technology innovation in agriculture.

We offer a range of technology services, from farm mapping to assessing and managing the implementation of new technology for your business.



The need for extension services and training is a critical part of keeping our agricultural industries competitive.

We can help, with facilitation and extension services to keep your people skilled and challenged.


Market development

Our extensive experience in research and development, start-up businesses and commercialisation of new technology gives us a unique edge to help you get your business humming and your products established in the market.


Specialised agronomy services

We can assist in all aspects of agronomy including crop nutrition, pest management and farming systems.

Talk to us about how our skills and experience across a broad range of crops can benefit your business.

AGK Services has a unique mix of experience, from digital technology through to agronomy and project management.

We can provide the ‘missing link’ in the technology puzzle, to help agriculturalists make better decisions in growing and innovating their business. 

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